Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The show must go on

So after the photographer and my model dropped out in the morning of my photo shoot that had been booked for weeks,
i thought 
this is it, 
no photo shoot
no pass
no Scarborough


all was not lost. i had perked up from the disappointment, found myself a new model, who  very coincidentally had a camera with her, and set off at sunset to find the perfect location. 

Now, i am no photographer, the closest thing i have to photography experience is taking facebook pictures of me and my dog

But, ill give myself some credit, my photos are amazing!!
Vogue worthy?

i feel even prouder that i took the photos myself rather than having a proper photographer come in to do it. I feel a lot more proud of my own work and i could work with the model how i wanted to and personally i dont think anyone else could of done a better job.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Is she/ isn't she?

Contrary to opinion, Marie Antoinette was not a complete slore 

yes, it was talked about, that she cheated on king Louis 
but where did you hear that?
straight from the horses mouth?

And besides, he may of had the money and marrying him was probably the answer to Austria's problems, but he wasn't the biggest catch

Reading everything that was wrong about Antoinette is just like an episode of Jeremy Kyle
If it was all true, i doubt even Graham would be able to sort out this mess.

i dont think she was that bad, misunderstood? maybe, infact, i have grown quite a soft spot for her

"I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when ill be back again"

Well, im not but one can wish, right?

This is a little of track from the flow of my blog but hey

Paris, Paris is where i want to go, and specifically, this is where i want to go...

The Palace of Versailles 
i mean
who wouldn't?

I want to dress up and play Antoinette, in the actual place she called home

And who said i was unorganised, in fact, i have done my research for once and i have found out the following...

Plane tickets from Manchester to Paris: £94.00 return
Ticket for entry and tour around the palace: €15.00

A holiday with me: Priceless?

All i need now is a rich man to come along, money to suddenly grow on trees or is this my lucky ticket?

But thats a 1 in 13,983,816 chance of that happening

and there you go, another fact to finish with 

not just a pretty face.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

"Buy me diamonds and ruby's, im crazy bout Bentleys..."

I am on a mission, a mission to find the best trimmings and embellishment ideas for my collection. 
i want to use maybe cream lace, embroidered trimmings to hide my stitching

Zhush it up

and if by any chance someone is reading this, i will accept and consider any ideas or opinions.

A snippet from the sketchbook

Sewing machines and technology, not my forte, however, put a pen and paper infront of me and i could sit forever drawing. I hate annotation and as you might of read in my previous post, i cannot sew in a straight line if my life depended on it. Jinxed 

So heres just a few of my fave pictures from my sketchbook, sorry my images are not of the best quality but as i mentioned...

Recipe for disaster

Ingredients:           Any piece of technology,

Step 1: Simply add the two ingredients together, leave to stand confused for a couple minutes and voilĂ 

Im such a woman.