Tuesday, 29 May 2012

The show must go on

So after the photographer and my model dropped out in the morning of my photo shoot that had been booked for weeks,
i thought 
this is it, 
no photo shoot
no pass
no Scarborough


all was not lost. i had perked up from the disappointment, found myself a new model, who  very coincidentally had a camera with her, and set off at sunset to find the perfect location. 

Now, i am no photographer, the closest thing i have to photography experience is taking facebook pictures of me and my dog

But, ill give myself some credit, my photos are amazing!!
Vogue worthy?

i feel even prouder that i took the photos myself rather than having a proper photographer come in to do it. I feel a lot more proud of my own work and i could work with the model how i wanted to and personally i dont think anyone else could of done a better job.

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