Thursday, 3 May 2012

Flying the nest.

So after a couple of months traveling to the 4 corners of England in my very reliable little car, going for interviews at my top 5 chosen universities , i have confirmed my offer. After being in such high demand...pfffttt, i have decided to decline London, Cardiff, Nottingham and Worcester.

 Fingers crossed, touching wood and no broken mirrors  n' all i will get a pass on my Foundation Degree and i will be an official student at Scarborough! 

I bet your thinking, whyyyy turn down London! , and let me tell you this my friend, yes London, fashion capital and whatnot  but i tell you now it is not all it is cracked up to be. The course was uninspiring and not open to new fresh ideas that especially at fashion show time, i have ideas coming out of my ears! i did not feel as though i could show my full potential as a designer. And when the course is Costume construction, but my stitching looks like this


Im almost certain i will succeed higher grades if design and sketchbook work is involved too. 

And i'm not saying this is my reason for going, but when the tutor has worked on the costume for Pirates of the Caribbean...
who doesn't like to see Johnny Depp in a bit of guy-liner now and again?!

So there we go, i'm finally going to Uni, the first one to leave the nest and a new start.

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